Introduction to zr3i

zr3i is a digital platform for smart agriculture, and it is the first agricultural platform in Egypt that relies on satellite technology to provide services to farmers and agricultural companies to help advance agricultural production and overcome obstacles facing farmers, especially the impact of climate change on agriculture in Egypt and the Arab countries. zr3i platform and mobile application that aims to provide data on the climate, the nature of the soil, the appropriate crops for it, and many agricultural services easily and in Arabic for every farmer in Egypt.

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Zr3i Services

There are many problems that farmers face while growing various crops, and these problems extend until harvest, which affects the quality of the production…

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Zr3i Features

It contains a database with a strict search result that enables you to get the details of problems, services, and chemicals…

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Zr3i Solutions For Farm

the farmers' need in recent times for innovative solutions within their farms that help them to improve their management in a smooth and good manner and improve production...

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Zr3i Application

The idea of ​​the Zr3i platform is to adapt technology to serve the goals of agriculture and achieve the maximum benefit for the farms as well as the agricultural companies in all its stages. The Zr3i platform “ website and mobile app.” are important indicators that can make a difference in the life of each farmer. Zr3i app. relies on satellite images and analysis of these images according to many Agricultural indicators and standards applied around the world. it monitors crops and prepares a detailed report on them.

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Digital Agriculture

Digital agriculture in Egypt is the future of agriculture. It started in many major agricultural countries and has proven effective and influential results in increasing productivity, improving quality, and benefiting from modern technology in saving time, effort, and cost.

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Zr3i Services

Water Level Monitoring

Many agricultural areas are exposed to drought due to the intense pressure on the earth's plants, affecting the growth and quality of crops and sometimes leading to damage…

Satellite-Based Crop Health Monitoring

Farmers mark their fields on the map, specify where crop growth is abnormal, and decide if the problem has already started. If it didn't start, preventive methods and instructions….

Soil Analysis

Zr3i analyzes the soil type and its elements and selects the compatible crops types with the nature of the soil, and sends reports periodically through the application

Remote Sensing and indicators required

Monitoring crop growth is an essential and indispensable matter due to its great importance in completing the growth processes. Therefore, remote sensing has ……..

Quick analysis for agricultural land
Information about Weather and climate
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We are Zr3i

Zr3i makes the most of technology in agriculture to provide farmers with a more effortless and cost-effective way to manage their crops. With technology, we’ll have satellites connected to the nearest weather station surrounding your farm to help you forecast upcoming weather conditions and keep you updated. Read More

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