Crop insurance

What is crop insurance?

Agricultural production and income level of farms in Egypt are frequently affected by natural disasters such as “droughts, floods, cyclones, storms” etc. These events are out of the farmers’ control and severely affect the farmers with the loss of production and the lack of farm income. Agricultural insurance is very important for small farms and agricultural companies as well as agricultural cooperatives as it provides protection for unexpected losses.

What is the process of crop insurance?

Crop insurance provides important services by protecting farmers from financial and production losses. This is done using satellite data and remote monitoring of agricultural crops, enabling crop insurance companies to more accurately analyze the condition of crops and agricultural land before and after losses. This leads to the development of better and more profitable policies. Also, using the advantages of crop insurance, agricultural business consultants can improve the quality of agricultural work and protect production from potential losses.

Crop insurance benefits

• The main advantage is protection from unforeseen circumstances for farmers and providing them with full support. The following are the most important advantages of agricultural insurance Provide insurance coverage and financial support to farmers in case of crop failure due to unfavorable weather conditions such as “excess rain/deficit, drought, frost, heat waves, humidity, diseases, etc.”
• Debt reduction, and the ability to pay off agricultural loans even during crop failures.
• Encouraging farmers to adopt digital agricultural practices and higher technology mechanisms in the industry as well.
• To help stabilize agricultural income for farmers, especially during disastrous years.
• Ensure risk reduction and improve business risk management.
• Crop insurance provides important information through the Zr3i platform, satellite crop monitoring service, and Zr3i indicators, which allows the prediction of natural disasters and climate changes, thus protecting production.

Crop insurance and satellite

Zr3i platform and agricultural crop monitoring service are one of the most powerful tools for analyzing the state of agricultural crops and agricultural lands, with the help of satellites through the Zr3i application, which is a multi-tasking operating system, and help in securing crops by solving the following problems.

Analysis Of The Agricultural Land

Through the application of Zr3i, you can use satellite images to accurately analyze the crop, its quality, growth indicators, and vegetation cover, so that we can accurately estimate the current situation of agricultural crops to calculate the financial compensation. To secure agricultural crops. Satellite technology measures the Natural Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) to determine vegetation density and health status. Thus, getting an idea of ​​the level of vegetation cover in the field sections concerned and calculating the total area of ​​the productive sectors.

Weather Hazard Alerts

Weather data, humidity, and multiple climatic indicators can be analyzed through the agronomic application, crop monitoring, determination of waterlogging risks, drought forecasting, and assessment of potential damage from weather factors. This helps farmers and agricultural companies to realize abnormal changes in the crop. Alerts are sent regularly via email and within the official app. You can also use the function of weather risk alerts and this allows you to take effective protection decisions in a timely manner. Thus, satellite technology is an important tool that provides efficient crop insurance services and solves many problems.

Risks Covered by Crop Insurance:

Risks Covered by Crop Insurance:
• precipitation deficit
• excessive precipitation
• the flood
• Excessive temperature or heatwave
• Drought
• Humidity
• pests and diseases

Crop Insurance Does Not Cover:

• Loss due to theft of any kind, including theft during or after the occurrence of any insured risk.
• Earthquake, volcanic eruption, or other causes of nature other than those specifically covered by this insurance.
• Damage or loss due to excess or deficiency of nutrients either in the soil or by application
• Willful negligence of the insured and/or his employees or representatives
• Vandalism from human action, birds, locusts, rodents, and pest attacks
• Loss or damage of fertilizers, fertilizers, and pesticides stored in the insured agricultural fields.
• Loss of capital investment/inputs such as cost of land, loss or damage to the insured crop supporting structures, irrigation systems, agricultural equipment, and implements.
• Any loss or damage during storage of the crop.

How are insurance claims settled?

The insured will be required to submit a copy of the document/confirmation certificate as proof of insurance and any required by the insurance company to settle the claim. And to follow the procedures stipulated in advance when contracting.

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