How does it work?

1-Click on “Create an Account” and register all your data.

2-Review your email and enter the message to link your account to the application.

3-Choose a new land registration from the choices listed below the user name.

4-Determining the geographical area, then determining the geographical location of the fields and recording the data related to the farm and the type of crop.

5-Click to view the details of the land.

Zr3i is an application to display all the services performed inside the farm. All you have to do is create an account and register a new land, specify the geographical area and the geographical location of the fields and write down all the details and data related to the farm, farmers, and the crop to receive after several hours a detailed report on the condition of the agricultural land and expectations Weather.......etc.

Quick analysis for agricultural land
Information about Weather and climate
Available in Your Hands

We are Zr3i

Zr3i makes the most of technology in agriculture to provide farmers with a more effortless and cost-effective way to manage their crops. With technology, we’ll have satellites connected to the nearest weather station surrounding your farm to help you forecast upcoming weather conditions and keep you updated. Read More

Instructions on how to register