Digital Agriculture

Digital agriculture in Egypt is the future of agriculture. It started in many major agricultural countries and has proven effective and influential results in increasing productivity, improving quality, and benefiting from modern technology in saving time, effort, and cost.

Digital Farmers

Zr3i provides a comprehensive file of information to farmers that help develop the scientific skills to improve the entire agricultural situation. This information includes the following:
• Inputs to the cultivation process to get output with the least wastage
• Know which crops can be grown and can't be
• Determine the type of crop according to the type of soil
• Weather prediction reports taking precautions
• Recommendations on the timing of agricultural activities for different crops
• Creating trust and mutual benefit by maximizing the role of technology and activating the role of the human element.
• Process optimizations by promptly providing precise information and strengthening links between consumer markets to assimilate crops to ensure that farmers increase profit on a continuous and periodic basis
• Crop Knowledge Bank includes information on the variety of crop calendars, diseases, seasons, and the expected cost.
• Informing farmers of the skills needed to complete the agricultural process.
• Information about the quality of the inputs used and the best species.
• The social community can contribute to helping the farmer share ideas or raise new inquiries.

Agripreneurs (Super Users – Service Engineers, digital Farm owners)

Zr3i explains government plans and services to farmers, such as microfinance, financial inclusion, and logistics services. It helps to support e-commerce in villages where the infrastructure allows the presence of these services. Zr3i also supports village entrepreneurs and farmers on points related to crop rotation, such as:
• Provide appropriate visions of a “dynamic farm plan” to farmers based on the conditions associated with their agricultural land.
• Identification of the most suitable crops for cultivation with the highest profit and return.
• offering information that helps in the sale of harvested crops
• Creating confidence through technology intervention in agricultural operations.
• Create an ecosystem that supports farmers’ needs and makes effective use of resources simpler.
• Bridging the agricultural gap by providing an integrated agricultural background.
• Possibility to plot farms, observe weather forecasts and consult satellite images about crop health (NDVI Vigor Index every 5 days).

Agriculture Corporates

Agricultural companies have an essential role in digital agriculture. They are necessary for the farm field and the vast multiple market sectors. This importance is represented in several points, namely:
• Optimization of your supply chain by leveraging efficient, trustable, and transparent technology
• Ensuring your involvement to ensure food security by new-age digital agriculture.
• Awareness of farming activities based upon the credit rating of farmers through real-time insights can help finance & insurance companies to ensure risk mitigation.
• Assistance in creating data-driven organization by leveraging Big Data and delivering insights in an actionable manner

These companies are divided into 3 main categories:
1- Agriculture Cultivating Companies
This market segment has companies that operate a few Acres and Farmers up to companies operating thousands of Acres and have hundreds of service engineers, farmers, and laborers in operation.

2- Agriculture Exporting Companies
Egypt Agriculture exports have seen a tremendous increase in Agriculture products exports and become global world leaders in several Fruits and vegetable markets. Around 500 active corporations are driving this market segment.

3- Agri Inputs And Suppliers Companies
More than 1000 companies are providing the local market in Egypt with needed Fertilizers, insecticides, Dripping irrigation, and other Agri inputs products supporting the industry.

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