Role of organizations

The role of organizations in the agriculture industry

What is the role of the various organizations in contributing to the upgrading of the precision agriculture industry?

Agricultural Companies & Land Development Companies

• Enhancing the project's sustainability and impact.
• Maximizing the utilization of the nutritional value chain by utilizing effective, reliable, and transparent technology.
• Ensuring effective participation in order to ensure food security by consolidating the concept of digital agriculture in the new era.
• Increasing awareness of agricultural activities based on farmers' credit rating through preventive visions, which insurance companies can help mitigate risks.
• Helping create a data-driven organization by utilizing big data analysis technology and providing real-time insights in an actionable way.

Governmental Organizations

Governmental organizations are working to ensure the best technical support in the decision-making process at the level of various policies. Providing strategic advice based on the following insights and information:
• Technology's ability to assist local, regional, and federal government agencies in implementing smart strategies and plans.
• What, how, where and when technology can help you achieve your goals faster.
• Farmers can be empowered more effectively by taking advantage of advanced digital technologies.
• Impact assessment and monitoring of the government's scheme using technology to ensure food security.

Governmental Organizations

• Monitoring & Benchmarking of Projects!
• Leveraging technology provides real-time visibility of on-ground activities against Project s’ benchmarks. Technology has a big potential in optimizing development services.
• The combination of technology expertise & business intelligence allows organizations to advise smallholder farmers for implementing projects in an efficient manner.
• Technology helps to deliver envisioned benefits to the targeted audience.

Insurance Companies

• Reducing potential risks through monitoring based on real-time data analysis technology.
• Benefit from real-time data insights to create risky products based on the scientific background of the crops and the farmer's practical experience.
• Last-mile access to farmers by ensuring risk mitigation
• Better risk profiling depending upon crop and farmer's farming activity background
• Monitoring in real-time of the crop for which insurance is given.

Banks, Financial Organizations

• Monitoring & Tracking of Credit!
• Credit rating will help in market generation based upon farming activities
• Financial support to farmers as per identification
• Monitoring in real-time information for credit provide crop parameters
• Risk profiling of the farmer and its crop
• Financial inclusion will create trust for those who are at the bottom of the pyramid

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