Zr3i App

Zr3i App

Zr3i is the first Digital Agriculture as a Service platform in Egypt.


Updates reports are sent every 4 days, generated through our web and mobile app using satellite imaging and remote sensing tools to provide AI analysis for monitored crops.

Management “Farm to Fork”

We ask our farmers to take a GPS and time-stamped photo for each step of the cultivation process to provide the Farm2Fork product traceability history that can be saved on the QR Code associated with the Harvested managed crops.

Crop insurance

Crop insurance provides important services by protecting farmers from financial and production losses. This is done using satellite data and remote monitoring of agricultural crops, which enables us to analyze the condition of crops and agricultural lands more accurately before and after losses. This leads to the development of better and more profitable policies, and the service includes coverage for losses of “precipitation deficit, excessive precipitation, flooding, excessive temperature or heatwave, drought, humidity, pests, and diseases.”

Proudly Accelerated By F6l Egypt, Recognized By Orange, Cit and Tiec/itida

Proudly Accelerated By F6l Egypt, Recognized By Orange, Cit and Tiec/itida
Quick analysis for agricultural land
Information about Weather and climate
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We are Zr3i

Zr3i makes the most of technology in agriculture to provide farmers with a more effortless and cost-effective way to manage their crops. With technology, we’ll have satellites connected to the nearest weather station surrounding your farm to help you forecast upcoming weather conditions and keep you updated. Read More

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